Guided by Respect

We recognize that trust is the most important factor in selecting a money manager. Trust that the manager will respect the time, commitment, hard work and patience it has taken to build your assets. Trust that the manager will work diligently on your behalf in evaluating investment opportunities and managing risk. Trust that the manager will not veer from its stated investment discipline.

Everything we do, every investment we make, is guided by the trust you place in us and the respect we have for your wealth.

Our Philosophy

When we started our Fund over 14 years ago, we began with a simple philosophy: buy a limited number of extremely high-quality companies with a significant margin of safety and hold them for the long term. We wanted industry leaders and essential product or service businesses that sold something that people did not simply want to buy, but had to buy. We wanted to invest in companies that enjoyed recurring revenue and high margins, generated free cash flow, required minimal capital expenditures in the normal course of business and were led by proven management teams that were shareholder value obsessed. Particularly important in today’s environment, we sought out businesses with strong balance sheets that could withstand downturns in economic activity without having to dilute their shareholders. Finally, we looked for businesses without excessive complexity, where it was possible to independently model their future earnings and free cash flow. Today, as in the past, the businesses in our portfolio meet our original criteria.

Key to our core is the concept of margin of safety. As value managers, we invest in businesses that meet our criteria only when they sell in the public markets at a significant discount to our estimate of their intrinsic value. This provides for a significant margin of safety to ensure that our portfolio will not be threatened with long-term loss of principal. 

We consider our clients our partners and invest your assets alongside ours, exhibiting the same high level of diligence and discipline in every decision we make.

Our goal is to maximize absolute returns over the long term while protecting your principal. Experience has taught us that patiently owning high-quality, undervalued assets generates good returns and significant wealth over time.


Unlike larger asset management companies that make hundreds of investments with various time horizons, at BloombergSen, we hold a limited number of solid businesses that we know extremely well and hold them for the long term. This allows us to invest in only our best ideas. In so doing, we own enough businesses to be sufficiently diversified without diluting returns through over-diversification.

Long-Term Investors

Great investments, like great companies, are built over time. At BloombergSen, we do not focus on month-to-month or quarter-to-quarter performance but take a long-term approach to investing, often with a time horizon of five to ten years. As an added benefit, the low turnover of the investments in our portfolio minimizes transaction costs and maximizes tax efficiency. 

Built-In Margin of Safety

A company’s intrinsic value is arrived at by discounting back a future stream of free cash flow. Given that the businesses we are attracted to have stable demand, limited competition, high barriers to entry, high profit margins, significant growth opportunities, low capital requirements and conservative balance sheets, we are able to project their future free cash flow with greater confidence and accuracy. To ensure a margin of safety, we invest in businesses that meet our requirements only when they trade at least one-third below our conservative estimate of their intrinsic value.

Highly Disciplined Approach

Those who chase performance and try to time shifts in market psychology and style are only too familiar with the loss of capital that can ensue. 

At BloombergSen, we have a highly disciplined and consistent approach to everything we do. We invest only in high-quality companies that meet our investment criteria and trade at a significant discount to our estimate of their intrinsic value. We do not move in and out of our holdings unless something has changed to affect our original thesis.

Our pledge to our investors is simple: we will not waver in the application of our investment strategy.

Private Equity Mindset

Our approach to investing in public equities is through a private equity lens. Even though we are purchasing only a fractional share of a business, we research, study and make our investments on the same basis as if we were going to own them entirely. Consistent with that mindset, we search for companies with exceptional management, run by highly skilled operators and proven capital allocators. And we get to know them and their industries extremely well.

How to Invest in Our Funds

We put all of our efforts into a singular equity strategy that is accessible through a variety of investment vehicles depending on residency, currency and tax requirements. Our funds are denominated in either Canadian or U.S. dollars and can be held in both registered and non-registered accounts.  

The minimum investment is $2 million.

For more information, please contact us at 416.594.9090.

FundCurrencyInvestor ResidencyOpen to Registered AccountsFund Legal Structure
BloombergSen Partnership Fund CADCADCanadaNoLimited Partnership
BloombergSen Partnership Fund USDUSDCanadaNoLimited Partnership
BloombergSen Partners Fund*CADCanadaNoLimited Partnership
BloombergSen Partners TrustCADCanada, U.S., OffshoreYesTrust
BloombergSen Offshore FundUSDOffshoreNoCorporation
BloombergSen U.S. FundUSDU.S.NoLimited Partnership


*Closed for new investors